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Hans Geels, expertisegebied Imago bouwen



 2000 -    today

General manager/director Stichting CliniClowns Nederland, Amersfoort, the Netherlands, 4 days a week,

·         The tenfold of the amount of distraction and pleasure CliniClowns produces for children with an illness or with intellectual disabilities (children reached) in the period 2000-2008;

·         The development of new areas for CliniClowns, like the virtual world; an interactive treasury chest for hospitals; a theatre tour for children with intellectual disabilities or multiple disabilities;

·         An increase in income from € 1,5 million in 1999 to € 13.1 million in 2010;

·         An increase of the number of donors from 7000 in 2000 to 225.000 in 2010;

·         In the field of fundraisers a rise from place number 26 in 2000 to place number 4 in 2010 in terms of acquaintenceship, reliability and appreciation;

·         A silver Effie in 2003

·         A Bronze Esprix 2004

From my own company 4D, Hilversum, the Netherlands

·         Advisor marketing for NPS/NTR, a public broadcasting organization

·         Manager (interim) Stichting Wereldouders, Hilversum

·         Co-development of a new concept wild life lodges (not realized yet)

·         Co-producer, with Wave Pictures of IMAX 3D films (Wild Safari en Water Safari)

·         Co-producer, with Blue Horse, of a television series for AVRO, a public broadcasting organization, titled Jungle Jury