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Walter van Kaam, expertisegebied: Online Fondsenwerving

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  • Master of Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam 1995)
  • Holding several NIMA degrees (NIMA A, NIMA B, NIMA DM-A, NIMA DMM)

- Fundraiser/ Head of Fundraising at Oxfam-Novib (Oxfam Netherlands)       1998-2001

- Head of Fundraising at Netherlands Red Cross                                                2001-2005

- Founder Serious Request                                                                                       2004

- Managing Partner at Adfinitas Relationship Fundraising                                  2005-2010

- Fundraising Agency, active in 8 European countries

- Owner Sestertius Fundraising Consultancy                                                        2010-now

- Blogger @ Fundraiser Online                                                                                 2010-now

- Teacher at IF-academy                                                                                             2010-now


  • Founder of (Charity portal site)                                    1999-2001
  • Board Member (Finances) for National Legacy Campaign                    2004-2005